Tokenomics, what it is and how it works was covered in the last blog post in this series here. In brief, Tokenomics is the field relating to the creation, management, and distribution of cryptocurrencies. This time around we are going to focus on Autonio and how our token NIOX interacts with our product line the NIOX Suite. 

The first and most requested feature of our NIOX token is for the stake-to-use model of the NIOX Suite. Stake-to-use is a model in which users can stake their tokens in a smart contract for a set period of time in exchange for benefits in the form of a rate of return on said staked tokens as well as benefits to other functions within the Suite. 

Token Supply

NIOX currently has a total supply of 315 million tokens, roughly 100 million of which are time locked for the foreseeable future, 9 million for operations, 14.7 million for team funds, 2.4 million for earndrop campaigns, and an enormous amount of over 94 million tokens staked by our users in the staking model. This leaves a circulating supply of around 90 million tokens, which means there are currently more tokens staked than circulating.


The current stake-to-use model, available here, includes an APY return based on the amount of NIOX you are staking as well as confers certain rewards and benefits. A quick rundown of some staking stats below:

Stakers: 185

NIOX Addresses: 2565 on Ethereum, 1703 on Polygon.

APY rates may change as more people stake. 

Current base rate APY: 7.9%

Current APY for DAO+ 15.9%

At this time, this means that staking NIOX at any tier is better than all offerings on Coinbase and most offerings on Binance.

In addition to staking rewards, each tier comes with a set of benefits to using Maker, Smartdex, and additional benefits related to Autonio. AI services, Premium trading strategies, reward multiplier for staking, fee rebate on smartdex, and even access to exclusive pre-sales are what the different tiers can offer.

AI services: Access to price prediction agents, sentiment analysis, portfolio management individually or combined as services that help improve your trading strategy and performance.

Premium strategies: in-house trading strategies and pre-sets designed to help users navigate the space with profitability regardless of the market conditions.

Rewards Multiplier: reflects the percentage increase in rewards based on staking tier. The base rate is for Standard tier and each tier increases APY rate. It will show on your staking page under “My APY.”

Fee Rebate: Stakers and traders will receive fee rebates based on their staking tier and trading activity: 2%, 10%, 30%, 50% rebate for corresponding tier.

Pre-sale Access: Granted to DAO plus members for vetted, top upcoming projects. Read more about how it works here.

With plans to add many of the above features throughout the next year, it will be a very exciting one and while not all of the features listed have been added as of right now, they are currently being worked on, research is being done, and we will continue to post on the blog with updates on their progress.


The treasury is tied directly into the DAO governance and will be one of the ways in which proposals for project changes can be funded.

To summarize, DAO members will submit a proposal on the forum with a direction, like marketing, a budget, and a timeframe. They will include a brief overview and a detailed explanation of the plan and how it will work and why such funds are needed. After submitting the proposal, other DAO members will vote on it and if it passes funds from the treasury will be dispersed as needed for the proposal.

At this time, only DAO members will be able to manage, vote, and submit proposals. This does not mean that this will always be the case in the future. Autonio's ultimate goal is to enable any user who stakes NIOX to have the ability to influence the development of the project, vote, and even submit proposals for further funding.

Be sure to join our Pre-Earndrop campaign, information here, and earn rewards!

Autonio has much more in store throughout the next year that will continue to add more benefits and features for holding or staking NIOX!