December 27th 22:00 UTC marks the start of our Pre-earndrop campaign on Smartdex!

In order to help users get ready here are the activities/tasks for the pre-earndrop campaign:

Daily tasks, daily rewards

  1. Generate $2,000 in volume and perform at least 2 swaps. Reward: 20 NIOX
  2. Generate $10,000 in volume and perform at least 4 swaps. Reward: 100 NIOX
  3. Referrals. Invite users that generate a cumulative volume over $2,000 daily using your own referral link. Reward: 80 NIOX

Each user can earn max. 200 NIOX per day.

*Each daily task should be completed within 24 hours (starting from 22:00 UTC). After time has passed, your performance will be reset again


  1. User who generated the most volume during pre-earndrop campaign will receive $2,000 (paid in NIOX) + an Autonio “CollectionX” NFT
  2. User whos referrals generated the most volume during pre-earndrop campaign will receive $2,000 (paid in NIOX) + an Autonio “CollectionX” NFT

*More information about the “CollectionX” NFT will be published In January, 2022.

Additionally, we will reward users who will participate in pre-earndrop campaign with the following prizes:

  1. Autonio “CollectionX” NFT lottery. You need to perform at least 1 swap to be eligible for the lottery
  2. Experience (XP). As you may know from our previous blog all pre-earndrop participants will earn XP that will play an important role in our ecosystem. XP will help users level up, earn extra rewards, unlock bonuses on Smartdex, like lower trading fees, higher revenue from referrals, lottery tickets, and many more incentives as a reward for active participation. For our pre-earndrop participants there will be higher rate of earning experience: 1 NIOX = 1 XP

Keep in mind that pre-earndrop campaign is organized for testing purposes - to collect information from users performances and to receive feedback from active users. This will help us in optimizing this contribute-to-earn mechanism and successfully launch the Earndrop campaign. Most active participants providing feedback will be additionally rewarded for their contributions in improving the system.

How to participate

On December 27th 22:00 UTC, go to the Smartdex app and click on “Earn” in the menu bar. There you will be able to see your XP and overall performance while completing the tasks along with your personalized referral link.

Good luck and happy trading on Smartdex!