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Automating Earning Potential.

We develop solutions that enhance DeFi liquidity and help traders harness the power of the crowd.

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Our Solution

NIOX Suite: The Ecosystem

The NIOX Suite includes complete trading tools and infrastructure.

Decentralized Exchange (Smartdex)

Your DeFi investing app: cross-chain trading, liquidity aggregation, bridging, and AI based Smartpools.

*Now in beta

Liquidity Mining (NIOX Swarm)

Easy-to-use solution for users of all skill levels to provide liquidity and earn rewards.

Market Making (NIOX Maker)

NIOX Maker offers a low-cost market making tool that allows users to make markets with the click of a button.

*v2 coming soon


We're implementing access to machine learning models that will enhance the trading performance of our tool set.

About us

Explaining Autonio

Automate your trading so your crypto works for you.

Our Vision

To build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading.

Our Mission

We aim to enable investors & traders to navigate the crypto markets with profitability, privacy and ease.

Meet the Team

Our Partners

Everything is possible with their precious support. is an Autonio Partner
Loopring is an Autonio Partner
Polygon (ex-Matic) is an Autonio Partner
Elrond is an Autonio Partner
SingularityDAO is an Autonio Partner
Conflux is an Autonio Partner
SingularityNET is an Autonio Partner
Tomochain is an Autonio Partner
Trimark is an Autonio Partner
StratX is an Autonio Partner
ZeroMile is an Autonio Partner
Biconomy is an Autonio Partner
KNIT is an Autonio Partner
Origin is an Autonio Partner
About NIOX

Our Token

The NIOX Suite includes complete trading tools and infrastructure.

Stake to Use

It is used to gain access to the trading toolset on a Hold to Use basis, providing easy opt-in/opt-out and a personalized learning curve, with minimal financial implications.

Rebate on Fees

All stakers benefit from reduced trading fees on the NIOX Smartdex. The rebate gets higher depending on your user tier.

Reward Multiplier

It enables the sales of trading strategies, Trading Terminal best practices tutorials, trade coaching and fund distributed trading pools.

Enter the DAO

DAO members participate in the decision making process and are involved in Autonio's development and strategy with their voting power.

Access to Pre-sales

DAO+ only

DAO members participate in the decision making process to further develop the project, while receiving staking rewards for participating in the governance process.

Start Staking Now

Get better access to our products and perks by
staking your NIOX tokens.

Start Staking

Become a DAO Member

Lock 150,000 NIOX to take advantage of the opportunities provided by an Autonio DAO Membership.

Staking Rewards

DAO members receive a reward from the annual inflation, in proportion of their staked holding.


DAO members are involved in Autonio development and strategy with their voting power.

Free Tools

DAO members have access to the ultimate tier, which includes all of NIOX Suite’s features.

Zero Fees

DAO members benefit from zero trading fees on the Smartdex.

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Where to Buy NIOX

The Autonio (NIOX) token can be bought on the following exchanges.

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Dive Deeper into Autonio

These documents will help understand better Autonio’s ecosystem and features.

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