Autonio has quite the storied history in the crypto space, having been around and still operating since 2017. Today we’ll be giving a brief run down of the accomplishments of Autonio through the years up to now.

Built first DEX market maker

Autonio Trading Terminal: the first market maker compatible with DEXs, instead of just CEXs. The Autonio Trading Terminal operated on a burn to use subscription model, users could burn $100 worth of tokens to gain access to the terminal for one month.

Survived bear market 2018-2020

Through a start up fund of just $50,000 Autonio was able to make it through the multi-year bear market. The team was able to develop through those years and launch both Maker 1.0 and Smartdex 1.0 within six months of the bear market ending.

SingularityNET Incubation through X-Lab

X-Lab was an AI startup accelerator that was to provide technical, financial, and infrastructural support as well as general mentorship to newly formed teams that were doing AI research. Autonio was to be awarded roughly $1 million through this incubation, but due to the bear market, the award wasn’t received but as a bonus, Dr. Ben Goertzel became an Autonio Advisor.

0x order book based exchange

Smartdex 1.0 launched in 2021 with a clean interface that helped provide liquidity for the NIOX, AGI, wrapped BTC, ALOHA, and many more tokens on the Polygon network. In addition, there were months-long liquidity mining campaigns for many of the above tokens.

Loopring Collaboration

Integrated Maker 1.0 with Loopring exchange, an Ethereum zkRollup DEX, enabling automated trading on the exchange. Many users were able to utilize the Maker to take part in the Loopring liquidity campaigns, earning themselves LRC tokens in addition to any profit they were able to generate in trades.

$10k in liquidity to $1.5 Million on Uniswap

Through liquidity provision campaigns starting in 2020, Autonio’s Uniswap liquidity went from under $10k to over $1.5 Million at its peak in 2021.

Maker 1.0 had many Swarm campaigns with many different projects on Binance and our Swarm partner: These swarm campaigns awarded users with $10,000s for helping provide liquidity on exchanges and generated over $40m in volume.

Partnerships with other projects

Partnerships were maintained with IQ Protocol, NEAR, Aurora, Loopring,, PIVX, SNET, SDAO, Cardano, Aloha, REN assets, and more.

Some partnerships were for development, others for Swarm Campaigns, Liquidity Campaigns, and investments.

Team Growth

Started with 4 team members and in 2021 there were 18 team members working on Autonio Development

Currently Autonio is operating as a DAO, with the community leaders in charge of the project.

AI Research

The Autonio team, with lead Anton Kolonin and advisor Dr. Ben Goertzel, did AI research on the topics of Adaptive Multi Strategy Market Making, Sentiment Analysis, Causal Analysis, and Automated Portfolios.

The above research is summarized in the following articles:

AI Recap: Part One

AI Recap: Part Two

Smartdex 2.0 Launch: a multi-chain decentralized trading platform in which users can bridge assets.

Liquidity aggregation, Cross-chain liquidity & Swaps, and Bridge aggregation.

Incredibly easy-to-use, slick, and polished interface for great user experience.

Aggregating over 70 exchanges, helping users find the best price on any blockchain.

Swap or bridge all major assets on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

Cardano Catalyst Fund & Development

Voted on by Cardano Community to receive $50k in funding to develop a liquidity aggregator for Cardano.

Developed Cardano Testnet bridge to transfer NIOX to Cardano from Ethereum or vice versa.

Testnet Bridge Link

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