The excitement and buzz around the success of cryptocurrency has brought with it the potential of gaining more than traditional investments, quicker than ever.  With Bitcoin’s latest all-time high, the currency has experienced a 7,749,999,900% increase from the time of its onset.  A more recent example would be from a Shiba Inu holder who invested $3,400 in August 2020 and has seen the tokens rise 94,278,239.8% equaling a value of $1.55 billion.

While returns like these are undoubtedly sensational, relying on pure speculation and randomness as an investment strategy is like going all in on one number with your retirement money on roulette.  This has become an especially problematic development in the crypto industry as people hop around from coin to coin hoping for it to ‘go to the moon.’ 

Private or Pre-sales, however, are a more organized method in which investors can enter early into a well-vetted and respected crypto project and still make substantial gains.  The concept operates similar to that of Venture Capital (VC) in the traditional business world.  Although, instead of receiving equity or preferable rate on a share price, investors receive a discount on its token.

The idea is certainly appealing, now the question is how can someone gain access to opportunities like these.  For one, there are usually requirements on the minimum amount of capital needed to participate.  Secondly, and more importantly, it requires that you be well connected in order to get reliable and trustworthy Private and Pre-sales.

In Autonio’s case, we are fortunate to have a network of some of the top projects in the crypto and blockchain space.  As a result, this has enabled us to provide members in our DAO and DAO+ with exclusive investing chances in the form of Private and Pre-sales.  SingularityDAO has been our most successful pre-sale to date thus far, where DAO+ investors saw a potential ten to twenty times return on their investment.

Some additional projects we have offered our DAO+ to invest in at an early stage include Tnode, NuNet, and the upcoming presale for IQProtocol.  These will be facilitated on Smartdex 2.0 through the use of private sale pools.

For more information about joining Autonio’s DAO+ you can visit the NIOX Suite Dashboard or reach out to us in our telegram group. If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about your project and how to get funded by our DAO please get in touch with us here.

This document is to be considered for information purposes only and reflects a reality fixed at a precise period that may vary from one moment to another. The information contained herein does not constitute a warning or an incentive to invest. The investor who decides to make financial transactions following the reading of this article does so in total autonomy and after being aware of the related risks. In no event shall Autonio, as well as its subsidiaries, be held liable for any partial and/or total loss of money resulting from investments in Cryptocurrencies not previously weighted by the person making the transaction.

Have fun and happy trading with Autonio!