Level up to Earn More with Autonio

In a previous blog we introduced general information about the experience mechanism and how it works. The main goal of this is to gain experience and level up, giving users an opportunity to not only earn more rewards and NFTs, but also receive additional bonuses, such as reduced trading fees and lottery tickets. Now for all the details!

How do I gain XP?

Any user can earn experience by actively contributing to the Autonio project. This contribution can be made in different ways: by completing daily tasks detailed in the Pre-Earndrop article, or by completing specific tasks that will be published and focus on specific sections of our products, the Smartdex or Market Maker. By gaining experience, the user is leveling up, earning rewards, and unlocking additional features.

What is the leveling system?

Each level up is progressively more difficult to reach as you need to earn a larger amount of experience points to reach the next one. However, reaching each subsequent level also comes with more rewards, NFTs, and other bonuses. This mechanism motivates our ecosystem users to contribute to the long term success and build a strong community around Autonio and its products. Below, a preliminary table of levels:

Lvl 0

Lvl 1 - 1000 XP points

Lvl 2 - 2000 XP points

Lvl 3 - 4000 XP points

Lvl 4 - 8000 XP points

Lvl 5 - 15000 XP points

Lvl 6 - 30000 XP points

Lvl 7 - 60000 XP points

Lvl 8 - 120000 XP points

Lvl 9 - 240000 XP points

Lvl 10 - 500000 XP points

*Keep in mind that this XP points table is preliminary and may be adjusted during first Earndrop campaign

Rewards and Bonuses

We want to reward our contributors as much as possible. The approximate rewards for reaching the first 2 levels. 

  • Reach lvl 1 to be rewarded:
  1. 1% from your referrals
  2. $25 in rewards
  3. 1 NFT (D grade part)
  4. 1 lottery ticket

  • Reach lvl 2 to be rewarded:
  1. 0.045% trading fees (initially 0.05%)
  2. $50 in rewards
  3. 2 NFTs (D grade part)
  4. 2 lottery tickets

*information regarding rewards for reaching 3-10 levels will be published once Earndrop goes live

Lottery tickets, NFTs, and other rewards

To further gamify reward earning via ecosystem participation, we've designed a few additional activities where users will be able:

  1. to participate in monthly lotteries, to win additional prizes.
  2. collect NFT parts to unlock big bonuses (we will speak about that in the next blogs).
  3. to win limited edition Autonio branded merchandise.
  4. become an Autonio ambassador.
  5. participate in pre-sales and more!

Pre-Earndrop gives you an XP boost!

We want to reward our pre-earndrop participants as early bird participants of our upcoming 2.0 products! That is why we will reward users who will participate in pre-earndrop campaign with the following prizes:

  • Autonio “CollectionX” NFT lottery (100 pieces). You need to perform at least 1 swap to be eligible for the lottery
  • Experience (XP) boost. As you may know from our previous blog, all pre-earndrop participants will earn XP that will play an important role in our ecosystem. For our pre-earndrop participants there will be higher rate of earning experience: 1 NIOX = 1 XP

What are you waiting for? 

If you want to participate in pre-earndrop, check this blog to find the tasks, then go to the Smartdex app, perform the tasks, and reap the rewards! If you want to check your performance statistics, your earning, and check your referral link, click on the “Earn” section of the menu bar.

Good luck and happy trading on Smartdex!