In order to support our amazing community and expand adoption and usage of our Smartdex, we are happy to announce our first set of contribute-to-earn campaigns that will take place on Smartdex starting on the 27th of December 16:00 UTC and will last at least one month

Recap of AMA

As we promised, here is the recap of our recent AMA that took place in discord:

To put it simply, “contribute-to earn” is a campaign where each user can earn rewards in the form of NIOX tokens (and not only) by actively contributing to the success of our products. The more you contribute - the more you earn.

During the pre-earndrop campaign users will be able to earn rewards by completing several tasks on Smartdex as a start (volume generation and referral program). Specifics of the tasks will be published in a separate article next week, including calculation of rewards and other specifics.

The total reward pool for the Pre-Earndrop campaign participants will be up to $50k worth of NIOX as well as drops for our own NFTs!

Yes, you read that correctly, we will have our own NFT collection with real use cases,  where the highest grade NFTs will open an entrance to a DAO+ seat! More information about this NFT collection will be published before the pre-earndrop campaign starts.

Soon after the pre-earndrop campaign ends in late January we will run the biggest Earndrop campaign in our history with a pool of $150k worth of NIOX, NFT drops, lottery tickets, and more. In addition, after the earndrop we will continue to run contribute-to-earn activities on a daily basis!


All pre-earndrop participants will earn XP that we will utilize starting from our first Earndop campaign on Smartdex. XP (experience) will help you to level up and unlock extra bonuses on Smartdex, like lower trading fees, higher revenue from referrals, lottery tickets, and more. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding these updates!

Get ready!

With so many upcoming innovations, our contribute-to-earn campaigns will give users the unique opportunity to play a role in improving the overall quality of our Smartdex and increasing our user base.

Try out our Smartdex ahead of the Pre-Earndrop as well to test it out!

Have fun and happy trading with Autonio!