Autonio Foundation is dedicated to building a prosperous community. To achieve this we are bringing intelligent trading tools, infrastructure, opportunities, and educational content on how to navigate the crypto space with profitability, privacy, and ease. 

One of the ways we have been doing this is through our NIOX DAO. How do you join? What are the advantages of being a member? How is being a member building a prosperous community? In this post we will discuss NIOX DAO and the advantages to being a part of it. 

In this series we will be focusing on the projects and protocols that have helped and will help us build a prosperous community, spotlighting and giving overviews of the different projects we're backing and how we're bringing opportunities and profitability to users. 

This theme of bringing opportunities for profit doesn't end with private or pre-sale options and being a DAO member either. Swarm campaigns, investment section on Smartdex, educational content, a collaborative series with Hummingbot, and the launch of our custom smartpools, all upcoming and will give users opportunities to be prosperous.

What is NIOX DAO?

NIOX DAO is the governance system of Autonio Foundation and consists of NIOX community members who purchase and stake the requisite amount of NIOX. The DAO will help by proposing and then voting on said proposals to transparently manage the NIOX treasury and distribute the budget in various directions submitted by the DAO members. This management helps solve the further development of the project; from aspects like product implementation to marketing and social media activities. 

How can you join?

Users who stake at least 150,000 NIOX and apply for DAO membership can become a NIOX DAO member, to take full advantages of your membership, including access to pre-sales you will have to stake 300,000 NIOX. 

What are the advantages of being a member?

Of the many advantages to being a NIOX DAO member, some of which are: AI services, premium strategies, and higher staking rewards detailed here, many of these features are still in development so we will focus on how current DAO members have benefited from being a member.

One of the huge benefits that isn’t readily apparent to those that are not already DAO members is that of pre-sales or general information of vetted, excellent projects in the space that Autonio has partnered with.

Some examples include SingularityDAO, Tnode, and NuNet, each of which had times in which DAO+ investors saw a potential ten to twenty times return on their investment. IQ Protocol is another such project in which our DAO+ members will have the opportunity to invest in and we will soon be releasing a blog post on that partnership as well. While returns are not guaranteed, the goal is to bring forth investment opportunities of projects Autonio believes in to the DAO so that they can be initial investors if they’d like. This helps new projects get off the ground and can be financially lucrative for our DAO+ members.

While you wait on the next blog post, join in on the Pre-Earndrop campaign and earn some XP and NIOX tokens.

Have fun and happy trading from Autonio!