This past year in crypto was quite tumultuous overall, but also very productive for Autonio. 

Autonio started with launching the first version of the Smartdex on Polygon network, Maker 1.0, Earndrop, and Swarm.

The Smartdex had quite the start, generating millions in volume, providing a space for our community to earn rewards, and making our NIOX token available on another chain. 

Maker 1.0 released to allow users with however much capital they have, no matter the amount, to participate in automated trading on exchanges. Many users have found tremendous success in using Maker to generate profits and we will be releasing some interviews with them soon, so stay tuned!

The NIOX Swarm was also released to the public, to help users from new to professional to provide liquidity on order book CEXs in order to earn rewards. Swarm has provided almost $40 million USD in trading volume and distributed $45,000 in rewards to Swarm users. Keep a look out for our upcoming swarm campaigns on!

Smartdex 2.0 beta launched just recently with liquidity aggregation for ETH, BSC, and Polygon as well as cross-chain bridging and swaps. This makes for the best DeFi experience for new users of crypto and DeFi, as well as experienced traders, as it provides the best liquidity to ensure that you get the best price and get the most tokens for your money. Look for the invest section to be added this week and test it out!

Looking forward to 2022, Autonio has a lot in the works. This week is the launch of our invest section for Smartdex, a way to invest in liquidity pools and farms without leaving the Smartdex, just select your network and invest away! With plans to add Cardano, Avalanche, and many others into the Smartdex ecosystem to trade, bridge, and invest there is a lot to look forward to with Smartdex.

Maker 2.0 will be launching in cooperation with Hummingbot in the first few months of next year, giving even more trading strategies and opportunities for profit to our users.

DAO governance as well as implementation of our NIOX staking levels are set to begin in 2022 as well as our products are launched and continually updated.

There is a lot more in the pipeline that we would love to tell you but for now we will have to leave you with this.

Thank you so very much to our community, we look forward to helping you invest and learning from you as well. We take feedback to heart and have implemented much of it into our NIOX Suite. 

Be sure to join in on our Pre-Earndrop campaign and earn some NIOX and XP!

Happy Holidays and have fun trading!