Autonio’s Staking 2.0 is now open to all!

From today on, users can start staking their NIOX tokens via the new Autonio Suite Dashboard.

Reward accrual will begin on October the 1st.

Staking 2.0 comes in response to demands from all of you, our community members. It offers a much wider pool of users a voice in Autonio’s future and makes it faster and easier than ever to earn rewards. 

Find out more about the structure of the model here

Contract | Audit


While the contracts and the dashboard are live, we have noticed higher gas fee and transaction failing on the ETH network associated with inaccurate gas fee estimations through Metmask.

To avoid those failures on your end please use these settings in your Metamask:

Gas limit: 350,000
Max Priority fee: 30 GWEI
Priority fee: 100 GWEI

Metamask may show high tx fee, but you will only be charged a fraction of the displayed amount (~ 60$ total at current gas price)

We will be incorporating some optimizations to minimize gas expenditure and multiple approval transaction issue.

Tomorrow we will publish a youtube walkthrough on how to stake your NIOX and a gas fee incentive program to help battle high gas fees for stakers. So stay tuned!

And have fun staking and earning with Autonio!