The Smartdex 2.0 beta was a big success for Autonio and the team has been taking all of the feedback to heart and have been incredibly hard at work in order to make the 2.1 beta release the best it can be. While both crypto and traditional markets have not been kind the last couple of months in general and this past few weeks in particular, it’s important to note that the number of people in crypto and its adoption is growing. It will be more important than ever in the future and if it can separate itself from traditional financial trends, even better. Even so, Smartdex 2.0 beta has done over $4 million dollars in volume, with over 3,000 swaps and 500 unique users.


The original DEXs came with a set of flaws that are ultimately at odds with the average trader and completely unfavorable towards inexperienced users in that they generally service one, maybe two blockchains, the liquidity isn’t aggregated between other exchanges, and they aren’t easy to use or understand with people new to DeFi or crypto.


Essentially, there has yet to be a "Smartdex," a product or tool that users can go to for all of their DeFi needs: trading, investing, earning, and learning. A place for people brand new to the space of crypto or just inexperienced in DeFi. For those new to DeFi, Autonio has released a great primer here.


Smartdex 2.1 aims to give those either completely new or extremely experienced the best DeFi experience and it will do this by being an intelligent, easy-to-use tool with aggregated liquidity across all the top DeFi exchanges, with cross-chain swaps and bridging, and sections to invest or earn. The best part about it being this easy-to-use is that it sacrifices no features in order to be so, in fact, it has more features than most DEXs and we’ll go over some of what it offers and what Autonio has updated from the beta release.


  • Liquidity aggregation across over 50 top exchanges
  • Non-custodial. No KYC. You’re in control of your funds.
  • Trade on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, with many more to come including Cardano, NEAR/Aurora, and  Avalanche in future updates.
  • Swap tokens cross-chain
  • Bridge tokens cross-chain (ETH, Polygon, BSC, Aurora)
  • Best Offer option. Will show users how to get the best offer and on which chain to do so by offering a cross-chain swap if necessary.
  • UI updates for clarity on Bridge, Swap, and Switch Network icons by adding text.
  • UX change for cross-chain swaps
  • Bridge Section for bridging assets from one chain to another
  • Many new tokens listed (suggested by the Autonio community)
  • New Notifications (in process)
  • Searchbar (in process)
  • Earn Section


Smartdex 2.1 is going to be the best experience for users in DeFi and the Autonio team looks forward to showing everyone the hard work put in on the official launch in early February. The team has an Earndrop planned for after launch where users can earn NIOX, XP, and exclusive NFTs by trading on the new Smartdex and helping us reach new users. We are excited to hear what our community thinks!

Don't forget to take part in the Pre-earndrop as well over at!

Have fun and happy trading from Autonio!