Since the community is a very important part of the project, we decided to release a quick rundown of everything that happens at Autonio on a monthly basis, so everyone can get a quick overview about what happened each month. 

For the past several months we concentrated very hard on laying out the foundation of our greater product line. This already led to some bigger releases and achievements;


smartdex v.1.0 release

MarketMaker 1.1 release






Loopring v.2.0


Since early February the number of new NIOX addresses (holders) increased by more than 300% - from ~900 addresses to 2717 addresses. And it still is growing strong!

Development Updates


Trade Interface

  • Wallet balance and order placement issue
  • Matic bridge deposit
  • Matic bridge withdrawal - redirects to matic wallet
  • UI Changes - unified interface to that of swap, order size selection on percentage, recent trades
  • Memory leak issue - Server specs has been upgraded to deal with memory consumption issue, Smartdex backend runs on m5.2xlarge instance type, which has significantly higher network speed.
  • Design issues fixed - wallet section removed from header and moved to interface, issue in chart, brand colors changed, ledger warning removed
  • Add 'Switch to Ethereum' metamask feature for depositing through bridge
  • 'Switch to Matic Network' with a one click button
  • Order placement issues - roundup issue, negative balance issue
  • wMATIC contract fix - Use the commonly used wMATIC contract
  • Integrated Marketplace page according to approved design
  • Added NIOX UED collector (OrderBook)”

Swap Interface

  • Remove ETH Mainnet connection from smartdex swap
  • Deploy LMC of NIOXLP-NIOX
  • Design implementation - apply new UI design and logo


  • Fix elapsed time calculation
  • Loopring order price calculation fix
  • Moved exchanges logic out into our exchange-connector


  • Prepared the exchange connector and database connector for the swarm


  • Implement Trade, OrderBook, OHLCV data collection / synchronization servers for AI
  • Finalise the code and provide data from BINANCE on BTC/USDT to database
  • Check the data in database and provide StorageMySQL API to access the data
  • Evaluate the ML performance using LinearRegression vs. other algorithm of choice on 6 months of BTC/USDT OHLCV data from cryptodatadownload site
  • Implement Prototype of Predictor Python interface based LinearRegression and LSTM
  • Test backtesting framework on latest data from database from BINANCE on BTC/USDT
  • Integrate Predictor Prototype into backtesting framework and test it on latest data from database from BINANCE on BTC/USDT
  • Evaluate the ML performance using LSTM

We also started with releasing a blog post and interview series, which goal is to enable the community to get a better grasp about what happens at Autonio, who is doing what and what is it all for. In the course of which we also introduced our Autonio AI Workshop video series in which Dr. Anton Kolonin talks about the progression of the development on the AI side of things. 

Autonio AI

Thanks to the experience and hard work of Anton, we are already able to see huge progress in the analysis that will become a good starting point for getting the first AI Agents out into the wild.

 If you want to get a grasp of the progress related to the AI implementation, please click here.

What’s to come?

There are actually a lot of things in the coming month on our plate. Our main focus will still lay on the smartdex start, but finally Swarm will get the attention it deserves very soon. All this will be rounded up by some updates to the NIOX Maker. 

Stay tuned, and have fun trading with Autonio!