Autonio’s Maker 2.0 is soon on its way and if you are not yet familiar with it, a quick explanation of what it can do is that it allows users with any amount of capital to provide liquidity and make automated trades on the most popular Centralized exchanges around the world, such as Binance,, Kucoin, Ascendex, and more. Maker allows the user to dictate how much of each token in the trading pair to use and what spreads to buy or sell at in order to prioritize making trades or making profit.

With Maker 2.0 coming soon and our newest Swarm campaigns for PIVX on Binance currently ongoing we wanted to share another interview today and more interviews with our top Maker users before its launch so that newer or unfamiliar users can get an idea of how to use the platform to the best of their abilities. Today is an interview with Ivan Czar, a community member who has even created a video series to help out new users with Maker. Be on the lookout for our next interviews with Shawn1337 and David (namastex10) and check out this page on our gitbook to be familiar with a few of the terms used for our settings.

Hello Ivan, what got you interested in the Autonio NIOX maker?

I lost a lot of money because I got emotional when the volatility went up or when a certain price action didn’t come when I expected it to. Then I decided to fight against the emotional factor and it was a mere coincidence that I found the Autonio Market Maker around that time and I immediately thought: THIS is what I need.

It’s excellent to hear that the Maker can help with that. Have you participated in Swarm and were the results profitable for you?

I participated in Swarm but I had other IRL (in real life) things to do so I couldn’t focus on Swarm completely, but I made profits even without it, so those rewards were the cherry on the top.

Great, and what market conditions would you suggest for a beginner to start in? Up, sideways/choppy, or a down market?

I would say any, because those who don't gain experience will never learn. But some may become discouraged if lots of “red numbers” start to appear and maybe they will not understand that when everything is falling the game is about “having the red numbers mitigated.”

So, for true beginners I would suggest starting with the very boring, choppy, sideways market. When the price is oscillating around the 200 days moving average. And then start with small based orders, smaller spreads with a bit longer of a refresh time (1-2 min up to 10-15 min) and try out the settings and UNDERSTAND what the Market Maker will do with given settings. With time, everyone will realize which configuration is the best for a certain situation and, of course, they can visit our trading channel and ask around or watch any of my videos.

What size trade would you recommend for a first time Maker user?

The minimum. I mean, the percentages are the key, the order size is completely irrelevant. The first important thing to learn is how to achieve “green percentages” and just after that, raising the order sizes. Try out different pairs as well, I saw guys making extraordinary returns on tokens I have never heard of.

There are a lot of talented Maker users out there for sure. For those newer users, what is an easy way to find ideal settings for spread and refresh times?

We are planning on making video tutorials about this topic, but until then just ask around in the trading channel. But as a rule of thumb:

  • The spread should be higher than the exchange fee with at least 0.1 percent
  • Choose a spread around a third or quarter of the candle size is not too bad
  • Be patient and choose longer time frames (1-2 mins up to 10-15 mins) depending on the volatility levels of that pair for the given timeframe.

I look forward to those videos! Are there any advanced settings you recommend for different types of markets?

  • Sideways market: staggered orders with hanging orders.
  • Bull market: start to buy in, set your target price and then unload with band trading
  • Bear market: have a lot of stable coins, find your entry level, and start to buy up with band trading, and register your DCA (dollar cost averaging) level and put out a limit order above that.

Great advice! How successful have you been in mitigating losses in those downward trending bear markets over holding?

Hard to say as I couldn’t register all the data and sometimes I had to manually trade to balance my portfolio out, but based on Binance’s data my very best was +7.5% compared to BTC in a single day, and my best period was +14.47% in six days.

Both results are stellar. Do you have any thoughts that you'd like to share on the Maker?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The team is working day and night on “new stuff” which will provide spectacular results in the future. If someone reads the announcements and can connect the dots, we need to wait for the new developments to arrive but I think 2022 will be a prosperous year.

Autonio is working very hard to make Maker 2.0 a great product for all. Do you have any suggestions for Autonio?

I always spam them with my crazy ideas, so they have more than enough suggestions from me already. 😊

We love hearing from you! Thank you so very much to Ivan for the interview and insights on Autonio Maker. Please be sure to check out his video series on the official Autonio YouTube channel here and stay tuned for more interviews!

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Have fun and happy trading from Autonio!