Autonio’s Maker 2.0 is ever closer and the with the newest Swarm campaigns for LINK on currently ongoing there is another interview today and one more interview to come with Autonio’s top Maker users before its launch so that newer or unfamiliar users can get an idea of how to use the platform to the best of their abilities. Today is an interview with Shawn1337, a community member who has seen great results using Maker. Be on the lookout for our next interviews with David (namastex10) and check out this page on gitbook to be familiar with a few of the terms used for our settings. 

*Editor's note, this interview took place a few weeks before the PIVX Binance Swarm campaign.

Hey Shawn, what got you interested in the Autonio NIOX Maker?

I first got interested in Autonio in 2018 when it was NIO, as it reminded me of the Matrix but when I found out it was AI enhanced algorithmic trading on the blockchain I knew I had to master it to thrive through the next bear market.

That’s pretty funny, whatever helps people get into the project! Have you participated in any  Swarm campaigns?

No, I am waiting for the Binance campaign.

The PIVX/BTC campaign is coming up, hope to see you there. What market conditions would you suggest for a beginner to start in?

I would say for any new beginner to take a look at the advanced features of staggered orders and hanging orders. These are not advanced features and every beginner should use them. The best way to deploy these is in a market that is running in a channel; up, down, or sideways. The power here is to hang long enough for your orders to hit. This is why I suggest it for every beginner to start with.

That is great advice, hanging orders can really help out in giving you the best shot at profitable trades. Do you have a size for trade you would recommend to a first time Maker user?

Start with a small amount until you master your pair as each pair is different and takes time to master. Once you see the pattern and are winning on your configuration, then you can scale it up.

What do you think is an easy way to find ideal settings for spread and refresh time? Are there any advanced settings you recommend?

Trial and error.  Every different pair is unique and takes time in the market to learn. So far, for me, I have yet to master them all so I use staggered plus hanging successfully in most market conditions.

That makes a lot of sense to maximize your profit opportunity, as staggered orders allow you to distribute your based order from both sides in the form of steps (ex. 50% of order size at 0.1% spread, 25% at 0.4% spread, 25% at 08% spread) and hanging orders keep them on the books until filled. Have you been successful in mitigating losses in a downward trending market over holding?

I've been doing very well trading AGIX/BTC in a downward trending market.  $10-$20/hour in profits for 24 hours is very achievable.

That’s better than a lot of people make while working, amazing results! Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share on Maker?

I look forward to the future!

Thank you to Shawn1337 for the interview and insights and don’t forget to join our new Swarm campaign starting January 31st over on as well as our Pre-earndrop campaign on to start earning NIOX and XP today!

Have fun and happy trading from Autonio!