Autonio’s Maker is a huge part of the ecosystem and we haven’t talked about it in a while as the team is hard at work to create version 2.0 for everybody. If you are not familiar with Maker, here is a short rundown of what it can do. Maker allows users with any amount of capital to provide liquidity and make automated trades on the most popular Centralized exchanges around the world, such as Binance,, Kucoin, Ascendex, and more. Maker allows the user to dictate how much of each token in the trading pair to use and what spreads to buy or sell at in order to prioritize making trades or making profit.

With Maker 2.0 and some new Swarm campaigns planned for Q1 of this year we wanted to share some interviews with our top Maker users so that newer or unfamiliar users can get an idea of how to use the platform to the best of their abilities. This will be the first in a series of Interviews with our top Makers from the Telegram NIOX trading channel: Chris_109, Ivan Czar, Shawn1337, and David (namastex10). Be sure to check out this page on our gitbook to be familiar with a few of the terms used for our settings.

What got you interested in the Autonio NIOX maker?

I first got involved in Autonio back in 2017 with the goal of being able to use AI to automate my trading. Today, the majority of my trading is done using the NIOX Maker!

That’s what we like to hear! Have you participated in Swarm? Were the results profitable for you?

I’ve participated in nearly every Swarm campaign to date. During my first swarm or two I ran the NIOX Maker at a slight loss while testing different strategies, using the Swarm rewards to cover the losses and still make some profit too. After the initial few campaigns I now run profitably whilst also earning swarm rewards so I benefit in both aspects. :)

Excellent, and what market conditions would you suggest for a beginner to start in? up, choppy, down? 

All NIOX Maker users find their own edge over time, for me, I’d recommend starting when the market is ranging. A choppy / sideways market provides enough volatility as the Maker creates both Buy & Sell orders so larger parabolic moves in either direction would struggle to fill both the buy and sell orders.

What size trade would you recommend for a first timer?

For trading size: always start small! Test different strategies and learn at a low cost, most exchanges allow trades from as little as $10 order size.

For new users, what is an easy way to find ideal settings for spread and refresh time?

Look at the chart of the pair you’re going to trade, if the 5 min chart candles move, for example, 0.3% on average then you could start with a refresh time of 300 seconds and 0.3% spread. Be sure to join the NIOX Trading Channel on Telegram as that is where many existing / profitable users can offer help and guidance. I have a thread on Twitter, @ChrisT_109, where I’ve shared many settings and their percentage results & Ivan has created a very informative YouTube series for the Autonio YouTube channel!

Thanks for the shoutout! What advanced settings do you recommend for different types of markets?

A significant number of Maker users, myself included, have found great success with the Hanging Order feature, which I mainly use in choppy conditions where the standard refresh time would be more difficult to predict so it gives the orders more time to fill. Rotate orders can be useful in trending market conditions where larger moves in one direction occur as it provides a delay between the buy & sell orders so sudden price changes can be factored in.

How successful have you been in mitigating losses in a downward trending market over holding?

I tend to use the Maker to trade tokens that I hold long term in order to accumulate more of said tokens. In downtrending markets the goal is to outperform the alternative of just ‘hodling’ the token. I’ve had pretty good success with that as I’ve learnt to adapt quickly to changing markets by increasing the Buy Spread and lowering the Sell Spread - eg) 0.5% spread for both Buy & Sell in a choppy/sideways market but a downtrending market may be more suited at Buy: 0.75-1% and Sell: 0.4%. One of my best down trending setups was for LINK/USDT which was 0.8% Buy and 0.4% Sell. I managed to outperform hodling Link by 15%!!

Those are some amazing results! Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share on the Maker? Any suggestions for Autonio?

My best advice would be to put $50 on an exchange to learn and test the Maker without the pressure of Profit/Loss. I’ve been involved in Autonio since 2017 and the development by the team makes the process of using the Maker easier with each upgrade/iteration which should definitely remain a focus going forward, Maker 2.0 and more Swarm Campaigns are on the way too so I hope to help some more new users make their start with the NIOX Maker!

Thank you to Chris for taking the time for the interview! It is very much appreciated and we hope everyone enjoyed the interview! Stay tuned for more in this series as we get nearer to the release of Maker 2.0.

In the meantime, you can join in on our Pre-Earndrop campaign over at

Have fun and happy trading from Autonio!