To kick off 2022 in a strong way, we are gearing up for full-fledged deployment onto the majority of the top blockchains.

The first of which is the NEAR protocol, where we will integrate and deploy all of Autonio’s products, starting with Smartdex, into the NEAR ecosystem.

In order to assist in this process, Autonio has received a grant from the NEAR Foundation, which is a nonprofit, non-beneficiary organization with the goal of growing the NEAR ecosystem through grants to different projects totaling $250 million. With this grant, Autonio will start the development on NEAR and will be actively working and deploying onto NEAR in the future.

A presence and impact on NEAR will certainly expand the reach and awareness of the Autonio brand, while also serving to fine tune delivery of Autonios products to a new and active audience.

NEAR is a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain that is simple to use, secure and scalable. Through Aurora EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on the NEAR Protocol, projects can deploy their apps on an EVM compatible platform in a fast, scalable & low-cost environment, with block times of roughly one second and fees less than one cent. Stay tuned for more details on the Aurora collaboration and deployment.

Yet, it is these intricacies of multi-chain deployment in 2022 that are precisely what we foresee in being the catalysts that will help us uniquely solve several of the most pressing problems in the DeFi space, namely, cross-chain liquidity aggregation, interoperability, and multi-chain tokens, which are all in the works for our 2022 roadmap.

Don’t forget to join our Pre-Earndrop campaign, details here, to earn NIOX and XP to prepare for the upcoming Earndrop!

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and of course have fun and happy trading with Autonio!