The DeFi revolution has transformed the centralized financial system as we knew it and created multiple new investment opportunities. One of the main challenges this revolution is facing, is overcoming its barriers to mass adoption. To achieve this, users will need to be able to operate as trustless as possible in this space. Liquidity, trust, and accessibility are the hurdles that stand in the way of many. 

Since 2018, Autonio has been developing unique and pioneering features and infrastructure to overcome the above challenges. We are driven by the crypto world's demand for technical knowledge, time, analytical skills, and access to professional trading tools and smart infrastructure. Some of the revolutionary features we have developed include the SmartDEX, NIOX Swarm, IMM, and the NIOX Maker.  

Let's have a more in-depth look at each and see how they could be real game-changers of cryptocurrency trading. 


The NIOX SmartDEX is an AI decentralized exchange designed to facilitate secure peer-to-peer crypto trading. It allows users to buy and sell digital assets with minimal friction reliably. 

We developed the SmartDEX as a sandbox for DeFi users to test, learn, and trade digital currencies with security and a highly-intuitive user experience. The SmartDEX is an 0x-based exchange. Besides, we have integrated it with the Matic Network to achieve a lower cost and higher speed user experience.  

The SmartDEX will be the first intelligent decentralized exchange in the crypto space to trade digital assets. It leverages the power of a combination of AI agents in a decentralized marketplace powered by SingularityNET, enabling users to trade faster and smarter. A Reinforcement Learning Agent (RLA) analyses competitor pricing policies and manages inventory by intelligently picking asymmetric prices on order books.

The SmartDEX architecture facilitates a 0% fee order cancellations and high order throughput, creating an ideal environment for our high-performance NIOX Maker. By combining the Liquidity Mining Protocol's power with the Ox mesh, the SmartDEX offers maximum liquidity and minimal slippage to traders. 

NIOX Swarm - Liquidity Mining

Liquidity can be taken as a measure of how easy it is to purchase or sell an asset while avoiding extra expenses caused by price slippage, bid-offer spreads, and transaction charges. High liquidity brings better and fair prices to all market participants, market stability, quick transaction time, and more accuracy in technical analysis. A market maker or liquidity provider plays a vital role in developing valuable cryptocurrency trading platforms and setting up efficient market mechanisms.

NIOX Swarm is a marketplace-driven approach to market marking that strives to bring consistent crowd-sourced liquidity provisions to order book-based exchanges, centralized and decentralized. It allows crypto users to launch liquidity mining campaigns on order book-based exchanges by setting up the necessary metrics, like the paring, spread, and most importantly, the reward for the liquidity sellers who will easily participate in said campaigns and earn the rewards by providing liquidity. 


Autonio has embedded AI into market-making and introduced Intelligent Market Making (IMM) to overcome the problems of Automated Market Makers (AMMs). AMMs are characterized by fixed charges, lack of stop losses, high arbitrage exploits, and impermanent losses. The use of AI agents to create a smart network of market making is a revolutionary invention that empowers a new class of crowd-sourced liquidity. Autonio's IMM engine stops losses by continuously analyzing market trends and making decisions to mitigate risks and maximize rewards. Furthermore, it:

  • Minimizes the coordination expenses and improves matching efficiency between liquidity buyers and sellers by connecting them. 
  • Reduces arbitrage exploits and impermanent losses experienced by AMMs by integrating AI-powered market making.   

NIOX Maker

The NIOX Maker is a market-making tool that makes trades faster and more accurate via creative algorithms and complex calculations based on thousands of data points from the exchange it is running on. It integrates algorithmic signals to protect market makers from one-way flow or black swan occurrences. The Maker can significantly boost liquidity on a venue by allowing its users to leverage these smart features. 

The NIOX Maker uses three strategies, which you can use in any trading style. More variations are on the pipeline.

Smart market maker

This strategy is suitable for making markets in extreme conditions, characterized by high volatility swings, like 20% swings in five minutes. The strategy increases the probability of a return in an extreme market. 

Nonstop market maker

The strategy keeps making the market as per the default settings without any price swings. It is ideal for an uneven 2-way market. 

Taker bot

It places buy and sell orders once in a set refresh time.   

NIOX Maker enables users to mine liquidity and earn rewards, control spread, refresh rates, and price bands to optimize orders. Besides, users can start sessions in a few clicks on their favorite exchanges and automate strategies of up to 38,000 orders per day. This gives anyone who doesn't have the resources an automated and emotionless edge required to compete on the crypto market.

Bottom Line 

Artificial intelligence is to trading what fire has been to the cavemen. While humans remain a big part of the trading equation, AI plays an increasingly significant role. This mentality has sparked the birth of many smart trading tools and solutions that enrich the daily trading experience by Autonio. We are not yet done with innovating tools that give an edge in a busy market characterized by high-grade competitors. 

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