Dear community,

2020 was an eventful year to say the least. A rather strange and difficult year for most. But at least there were some positives in the crypto space with the Bitcoin bull run and the DeFi revolution. It’s definitely a very exciting time to be active in the crypto space right now.


As a project we had a tough start in 2020 with the huge undertaking of a transition into a DAO. This transition was convoluted not only because of the dual token system needed to be transformed into a single token economy, but also because of a shift in management, organizational structure, branding and nearly everything got a rework and started over new and fresh.

We are very proud of the fact that we have made it through tough times and to be in an amazing position now with immense opportunities.

As a project, with the chemistry between the team, new members joining the project, valuable partnerships and validation of our strategy, we firmly believe that we have something that’s insanely powerful and has the potential to be a game changer. But we are also aware that this requires a tremendous amount of effort, and are ready to do what it takes.

A look back to 2020:

NIOX Token economics update

Transition to DAO

Change in branding, design, website, social media.

Improvements to our existing tools and introduction of new tools that fit our optimized strategy

New partnerships

With all that behind us, what’s next?

We currently find ourselves in a great position. A validated value proposition, working tools, growing line of products, partnerships and recognition. After re-building our foundation in 2020, we are ready for massive growth. That’s what 2021 will be all about.

We will roll out product updates that drive value for our users and the ecosystem especially businesses like exchanges and other token projects. There are also more exciting partnerships that will bring us closer to our main goal; to build a prosperous community by democratizing access to intelligent trading tools and high performance infrastructure.

The unprecedented growth in DeFi is having the critics ponder whether this new gold rush is just a hype or there is any substance to it.

Are the current liquidity mining protocols and business models sustainable in the long term?

We address that question and design a protocol that ensures long term sustainability of DeFi. Automated Market Makers (AMMs) need to be smarter for sustainability of DeFi. Intelligent Market Making (IMM) is our answer. Among other milestones the second quarter of 2021 will see IMM Alpha roll out.

What’s to come in 2021

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NIOX suite 1.0


NIOX suite 1.5

  • NIOX swap 1.0 — Swap interface integrated with smartdex
  • NIOX maker 2.0
  • NIOX swarm 2.0
  • IMM Alpha — Intelligent Market Maker
  • Subscription model implementation
  • Ambassador Program


NIOX suite 2.0

  • NIOX AI — Network of AI agents to boost platform performance
  • Smartdex 2.0
  • NIOX DAO 2.0
  • IMM 1.0 <> NIOX swarm — NIOX Swarm integration into the IMM


IMM 2.0

Note that this is a high level overview of our current tech timeline and is subject to change. We may prioritize some tools over the other based on what drives the most value for the ecosystem both short and long term. There’s several other supporting tools and products we haven’t listed or talked about yet, nor have we included specific partnership updates or integrations.

We’re building a prosperous community around algorithmic trading and 2021 will be a major leap in that direction. We’re confident in our ability to continue driving the project ahead and are glad to have you with us in our journey.

Here’s to a glorious 2021!

Autonio Foundation Ltd.
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