Main results 

The first Earndrop has ended and can be considered a huge success. Not only did it spark the interest of many, it also left a trail of proof on the internet about the efficiency and ease-of-use of our tools which enables everyone to simply make the market of their wishes and get rewarded in that process. There were a total of 436 registrations of which 125 users actively ran a total of more than 900 000 minutes in session time. The created overall volume exceeded a total of 3.5 million USD. Those numbers really make us look forward with confidence, and we can't wait to get the next update of our NIOX Maker into the hands of our, and many other communities, very soon.


By clicking the link below you can see the list of all users who successfully participated in the campaign and the amount of rewards to be paid for each winner.

Participants Table

We congratulate all the winners who successfully participated in the Earndrop campaign!


As you may already know, we had a little trouble calculating the final score for each user. There were several problems (related to sessions and traded pairs), but in the end we came to the correct and fair calculation. After discussion with active users, we came to the conclusion that the counted minutes should satisfy all users. 

In case if you can’t find your address in the list of participants, or you are sure that you have been unfairly disqualified, or the number of minutes is not correct, first:

1. Check if you have fulfilled all the conditions of the competition (registration on the portal , publication of your results on Twitter and/or Autonio Trading Channel)

2. Check if you violated the terms of the campaign (by creating more than 2 accounts with different ETH addresses).

If you are sure that these 2 points above are not violated, please write your request to by providing your ETH address that you used in the registration form with the explanation of your problem.

The deadline to send your request is 24th of February, 2021, 15:00 GMT time.

Rewards according to the participants table file will be distributed shortly after 24th of February.

Congratulations to all the winners!