The Earndrop has now officially started. Here are some things that will help you to run the NIOX Maker, and some things you should take into consideration for participating.

What are the steps to get started?‍

1. Visit our Earndrop site and complete the registration.

2. Connect with your NIOX Maker using your Web3 wallet account. 

3. Connect your Maker Module with the API keys of the exchange you want to use.

4. Select the trading pair you prefer.

5. Run your sessions until the 9th of February, 2021.

6. Share your results in the Autonio trading group and on Twitter (preferably with #Earndrop) by using the share button in the NIOX Maker, every time you stop your Module.

When does the Earndrop Campaign start and end?

The Earndrop campaign will start on the 30th of January 1 pm UTC and will end on 9th of February at 1 pm UTC.

Some things before you get started:

1. It's best to post your results at least once a day using the hashtag ‘#Earndrop’ and tagging     @AI_Autonio    
    We will not consider sessions that are not posted before campaigns end for rewards

2. Mind the spread:

    Don’t choose a too tight spread. Spread amount must cover at least the exchange fees

4. When you use it in very volatile markets, make sure to choose a lower spread and a higher refresh     rate

5. Never go with a portfolio percentage higher than 25 percent 

6. Check the chart you trade from time to time in order to adjust the settings in the NIOX Maker     depending on Market condition

7. For a better performance in less volatile markets it is recommended to use hanging orders

8. When an asset is trending up putting a higher sell spread then the buy spread is recommended, also vise     versa

The Trading Strategies

  • Smart Market Maker is the ideal strategy for market making in extreme conditions, for example price swings of around 20 percent within a short amount of time, since it is capable of adapting to such movements and exits its positions in the case of black swan events.
  • Nonstop Market Maker keeps making the market as per the chosen parameters, without taking rapid market movements into consideration. It is ideal for a choppy 2-way market.
  • Taker Bot constantly executes market orders within the set refresh time around the set spread. This setting allows the user to let the NIOX maker run in its full volume creating capacity.

P/L calcluation is based on portfolio change and does not represetn actual p/l because of the module.

Any deposits or withdrawls of the trading pair during trading will have influence on the profit/loss values

BTC trading pair p/l calculations are inaccurate because p/l calculation is limited to 2 decimals.

Some important rules

  • 1 user 1 session only. Running multiple sessions will result in disqualification
  • attempts to send fraudulent data to the database or sharing falsified trading data (session time, volume etc) will result in disqualification

Now you are ready to earn that sweet NIOX by simply running the NIOX Maker. 

Have fun trading with Autonio