The Community Stage of the Earndrop has been finalized, and we are overwhelmed by the success we had with this engaging campaign. It helped us a great deal in better understanding how to further enhance our product and which new upgrades we have to push out in order to deliver an even more performant user friendly trading tool. 

Up to 134 users were able to create a volume of 3.543.747 USD over a span of only 10 days, during the stage dedicated to our small but passionate community. 

It was not only a great event, it also showcased public proof of what our robust and easy to use tools are capable of. It has definitely confirmed our core belief that ongoing liquidity mining campaigns can be very powerful in an incentivized environment provided by NIOX Swarm.

The coming days we are going to release a full report that will break down the numbers that highlight how well our community members performed in providing liquidity and creating volume on their favorite trading pairs. Stay tuned for further news about our ongoing development.

Have fun trading with Autonio.