To kick-off our series of Earndrop events, we decided to offer our community the chance to be the first to earn rewards running our tools.

Everyone has heard of Market Makers, but few actually decide to get into providing liquidity for the markets, since they are often difficult to set-up and the common misconception is that market making is reserved only for bigger market players.

We at Autonio believe that everyone can and should make markets, especially since decentralized finance can only be as decentralized as the source of its liquidity.

That's why we present our user-friendly Market Maker, which is not only easy to set up, but also easy to run. 

Earndrop Campaign

With the Earndrop campaign we would like to invite NIOX token holders and the crypto community at large to get the chance to learn more about our NIOX Maker and get rewarded during this process.

How does it work?

For every minute your NIOX Maker is running and filling the order books on an available exchange, you will receive 1 $NIOX.

What are the steps to get started?

  • 1. Visit our Earndrop site and complete the registration.
  • 2. Connect with your NIOX Maker using your Web3 wallet account. 
  • 3. Connect your Maker Module with the API keys of the exchange you want to use.
  • 4. Select the trading pair you prefer.
  • 5. Run your sessions until the 9th of February, 2021.
  • 6. Share your results in the Autonio trading group and on Twitter (preferably with #Earndrop) by using the share button in the NIOX Maker, every time you stop your     Module.

*The results you will share will only include the running time of the module, number of completed trades, volume and profit.

And that’s about it!

You can also share your results at any time. Show who is the best new market maker here!

When will Earndrop Campaign start and end?

The Earndrop campaign will start on the 30th of January 1 pm UTC and will end on 9th of February at 1 pm UTC.

For any questions, please visit the FAQ section on the Earndrop page or our trading channel

Please note:

This version of the NIOX Maker goes through the final stages of testing, but this does not affect the operation of the Maker itself. If you have any problems related to the performance of the product, please contact us on Telegram.

Have fun trading with Autonio, and make some markets!