Autonio this week is wrapping up two more Swarm liquidity mining campaigns with partner The campaigns, which began on August 4 and will end August 18, generated solid levels of market activity thus far and healthy rewards for liquidity providers. 

In the first of the pair, 21 participants traded more than $6 million of DOT/USDT. The second saw 24 market makers generate more than $4 million in ADA/USDT volume. Each campaign had a reward pool of $2.500. 

In the months since its debut, Autonio’s Swarm has beaten all our expectations for producing robust and consistent levels of liquidity. 

Want to join the Swarm? There are more campaigns coming back to back in the ongoing campaign on, just visit our campaign page on the Maker to stay up to date with all ongoing and upcoming opportunities.

And stay tuned for more exciting Swarm news in the next few days!

Have fun trading with Autonio!