Improving the overall user experience across all products is our top priority. Accordingly, we have implemented innovative ways to enhance support for additional chains for multi-chain staking, trading, and investing for all our products.

As part of these improvements, we’re pleased to share an update to the  Suite Dashboard:

- New overview section design implementation
- DAO and DAO+ user onboarding: stakers with more than 150k NIOX will be able to add Telegram ID through a notification bell and get instant access to DAO Telegram chats
- Integrated sendinblue APIs for sending email alerts when someone adds their Telegram ID
- Added content for Smartdex, Swarm, and Maker in the overview section
- Updated blog post section in the overview page
- Bugs that were previously reported, such as problems with decimals, prices, graphs, and other minor issues, have been fixed.

Members who have staked more than 150k NIOX can access gated DAO Telegram chats - click here for more information

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!