You can now farm NIOX on the smartdex, by adding liquidity to the NIOX/USDC and MATIC/USDC pools.

Just visit the Farming page on the smartdex and deposit your LP tokens after adding liquidity to those pools.

For the start of our smartdex own farming campaigns we will start with incentivizing LiquidityProvision on the NIOX/USDC and MATIC/USDC pools. For NIOX/USDC we will allocate a total of 35.000 NIOX per day, that will be distributed to the smartdex LP token farmers. MATIC/USDC will have 6.000 NIOX per day, distributed to the Liquidity Providers. Both campaigns will run over a period of 14 days.

This means, that at the current Liquidity in the NIOX/USDC this campaign will start with an estimated APY of 1000 %.

Besides some additional, very special treats, made possible by one of our partners, we will put away 5.000 NIOX per day, that will be given as a whole to one lucky winner at the end of the month. To be eligible for that giveaway, you just have to provide liquidity in the NIOX/USDC pool, and that’s it.

The first pools launching on the smartdex are:

- NIOX/USDC (Autonio)

- WMATIC/USDC (Polygon - Ex-MATIC)


Have fun trading and farming on the smartdex!