The Final Countdown: Counting Down to the Beta Launch of Smartdex 2.0

While making Smartdex 2.0 we here at Autonio learned that it’s important to not only have all the right ingredients and a great vision, but also to master the art of timing.

When Autonio announced the upcoming release of Smartdex 2.0 three months ago in August there was still a lot of work to do.

To be completely honest we needed to dive much deeper into the details, and we were preparing to onboard a brand new set of people to help us out with it.

The first version of Smartdex was a great accomplishment with almost $30 million in trading volume and $3 million in total liquidity.

With the upcoming beta launch of Smartdex 2.0 in the next few days there will be so much more we can provide and share with the Autonio community and crypto space at large.

No time like the present to brush up on all things Smartdex 2.0, which we’ve outlined in our Smartdex 2.0 blog series:

Liquidity Aggregation - The Backbone, Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregation - The Unifier, and Smartpools - The Intelligent Market Maker.

So here it is, the final countdown. 10 days from now on 29.11.21 will be the beta launch of Smartdex 2.0: The Elegant Next-Gen DEX.

There you have it.  Set your alarms, put it in your calendars, and in the meantime, have fun and happy trading with Autonio!