Since Autonio got incubated by SingularityNET back in 2019 we had the opportunity to collaborate with SingualrityNETs amazing team, which is the leading force in the decentralized AI revolution.

Since then we have been making steady progress in designing our AI network that will empower the NIOX Suite.

We are happy to announce that Autonio and SingularityNET alliance is entering a new phase wherein the parties will closely cooperate to make the DeFi space smarter.

We are also very pleased to welcome Dr. Ben Goertzel to the Autonio Foundation as an advisor. His expertise will help us build a robust, intelligent automated trading infrastructure, and will take us closer to realizing our vision of building a prosperous community around automated trading.

We are currently working on building and deploying our AI agents onto SingularityNETs decentralized AI marketplace which will then be integrated into Autonio’s NIOX Suite, starting with the NIOX Maker. These AI agents will enhance the market making performances of our users and enable a more profitable and user-friendly user experience.

AGI is the lifeblood of the SingularityNET ecosystem just as NIOX is of Autonio’s ecosystem. These utility tokens will enable seamless utilization of AI agents across our platforms. Through the SingularityNET marketplace, other businesses and users will also be able to utilize the AI agents deployed by Autonio Foundation to enhance their own custom trading algorithms and strategies.

With SingularityNET’s SingDAO initiative, there will be multi-level AI agents deployed with the ability to seamlessly communicate with each other building a strong foundation for developers and businesses to build and utilize AI.

Autonio is committed to creating an intelligent market making infrastructure, which we believe is of critical importance in building a sustainable DeFi ecosystem. Intelligent Market making is of huge significance because it supports smarter liquidity, which is in fact the backbone of DeFi.

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