Autonio is excited to announce that we will be bringing Ren assets to Smartdex in the latest step in our drive to facilitate faster and easier transactions for our users. 

Starting with our new farming campaign on July 12, traders will be able to access renBTC/NIOX pools on the Smartdex, Autonio’s Polygon-based, feature-rich decentralized exchange.

So have fun pooling and farming renBTC/NIOX in four days’ time!

Bridging $BTC to Polygon and depositing in Smartdex

1) Add the Polygon Network to MetaMask, with these instructions.

2) Get a small amount of $MATIC to get started with this faucet.

3) Bridge $BTC to $renBTC with RenBridge

4) Add $renBTC assets as a custom token in your MetaMask (optional). Token Contracts 👇

Polygon (mainnet): renBTC 0xDBf31dF14B66535aF65AaC99C32e9eA844e14501

5) Add liquidity into the Smartdex pool here

About Ren

Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains.

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About Autonio 

Autonio Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization built around developing accessible, easy-to-use and affordable trading tools and services for the DeFi ecosystem.

Our aim is to build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading by democratizing access to intelligent automated functionality and infrastructure. With Autonio, crypto traders of all levels of experience can conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms, exchange crypto currencies, sell strategies and pool funds, all with profitability, security and ease.

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