Three cheers for ‘Ask Me Anything’.

In the spirit of transparency, community, and commitment to your own success, Ali
and the rest of our team have opened up our schedules to help answer any
‘burning questions’ that you might have.

The format (either recorded or live stream) is still ‘up-in-the-air’, but the important
thing now is just to conjure up anything Autonio related in your mind and send it
over us.

You can submit them through the link below.

The questions can be technically related to one of our products, or about our plans
going forward in the future, and even a background question as to what inspired
Ali to start Autonio in the first place.

Whatever they may be, don’t be shy. This is why it’s called ‘Ask Me Anything’
after all.

An exact time and date for the first session will be shared in a further

Have fun and happy trading with Autonio!