The month of September has been exciting and another step in the right direction. During this period we formed some new partnerships, updated our tools and undertook several successful campaigns.

Here’s a quick recap:

Here are some of the dev updates you may have missed:

NIOX Maker Updates:

  1. Clarified error codes
  2. Changed stats data for all according to portfolio % and base order size
  3. Changed stats display for loopring (added some extra variable like totalbuy and totalsell)
  4. Fixing the Start balance error
  5. Commented store data success modal box
  6. Removed unwanted modules from app.module.ts
  7. Removed amrtchart functionality from live component
  8. Added taker bot strategy to loopring
  9. Changed profit/loss UI for loopring in live.html
  10. Storing all placed orders for loopring
  11. Changed in webservices backend api for placed order
  12. Updated NIOX Staking Page

What’s next?

We’re excited about following through with our partnerships while we continue to add more support for new blockchains and decentralized exchanges.

We have plenty developmental updates for NIOX Suite, especially for NIOX Maker lined up for this month and a few marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for more on what’s to come!

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