We're excited to announce the launch of pBTC/USDC pool on Smartdex.

Users will now have the ability to hold the world's most renowned cryptocurrency, while being able to put it to functional use within the Autonio ecosystem.

With pNetworks layer 2 cross-chain bridge solution between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, exchange can now occur in an incredibly seamless manner.

For people wanting to bring over their Bitcoin via pNetworks bridge, you can follow these easy steps:

Step 1)  Go to PBTC Dapp

pBTC Dapp link

Step 2) Swap Native Bitcoin to Polygon PBTC. 

i)  Enter the amount you want to swap. 

ii) Enter a polygon address where you want to receive Polygon PBTC.  

Step 3) Click ‘ Get Deposit address

It will generate a deposit address. Once you deposit native BTC on the deposit address. Polygon pBTC will reflect in your polygon address in 10-20 mins.


ii) Once the deposit is received, it will show the deposit detected on the swap page.


iv) Once transaction is confirmed. You will receive Polygon pBTC on your Ethereum address

Polygon pBTC contract address on polygon - Link

Happy trading!