Since there is an end to everything, there is also an end to the way we handled our Liquidity Mining Campaigns on Uniswap. Rewards of the Bonus Campaigns will be distributed shortly. 

What does that mean?

First of all, you don’t need to withdraw your liquidity from Uniswap. We are still incentivising Liquidity Provision on Uniswap with similar rewards. We only change the mechanics of the campaigns. 

What do I have to do, to still get rewards for my Uniswap Liquidity Provision?

We are moving to LP token staking. That means to be eligible for future rewards on your Liquidity Provision, you will have to deposit your LP tokens on the new farming site.

What do I have to do after this?

Nothing. The reward distribution for the campaigns is now fully automated. You only have to deposit the LP tokens you get from Uniswap at each campaign start. 

When will the Uniswap LP token farming start?

Our first LP mining campaign will start on Friday, the 2nd of April, at around 5 pm UTC. 

You can deposit your LP tokens after that date.

The campaign will last for 7 days.  

What will be the reward?

We allocated 122.500 NIOX for 7 days which will be distributed based on your share of the liquidity pool.

Have fun farming on smartdex!