With Autonio’s Maker 2.0 in the works and the newest Swarm campaigns for LINK and LTC on Crypto.com currently ongoing, today is the last interview in this series of Autonio’s top Maker users before its launch so that newer or unfamiliar users can get an idea of how to use the platform to the best of their abilities. Today is an interview with David (namastex10 in TG), a community member who has seen great results using Maker and posts his results on Twitter. Check out this page on gitbook to be familiar with a few of the terms used for our settings.

Hello David, what would you say got you interested in the NIOX Maker?

Found out about NIOX maker when on the BTC and DOGE swarm campaign.

Seems that the popular pairs have a good chance to attract outside attention. And did you participate in Swarm?

YES, in crypto.com (doge campaign)

Were the results profitable for you on your first campaign?

The first time wasn't really profitable.

What market conditions would you suggest for a beginner to start in?

I would use Maker when I got some assets that got over 500% of profit. I would sell half and use Maker to try and advance my position and learn it.

What size trade would you recommend for a first timer?

Around 500 USD, it's enough.

For new users, what is an easy way to find ideal settings for spread and refresh time?

For day trade I would use lower refresh time with lower spread when assets are in the bottom. For swing trade I would do staggered order and minimum 6 hours refresh time.

How successful have you been in mitigating losses in a downward trending market over holding?

When I ran Maker for three weeks after BTC failed to pass 68k, I realized all the microtransaction that Maker was doing was helping to get less loss from the bear market. There is transaction history in my binance exchange and Maker showed that can really do fast quick trading.

That’s great to hear that Maker was able to help you mitigate the losses of a bear trending market! Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share on the Maker or any suggestions for Autonio?

I feel the lack of BTC market conditions/charts to let us know when it's a really bad time for trading, as Maker is focusing on amateur users, so they need some kind of tool that warns them not to trade in certain conditions. Also, if in the future Maker can show the exact time and when to stop trading would help anybody to make money.

Thank you for your time and advice David. I think those would be great indicators for newer users and could help them get used to using and learning Maker so that they could use it profitably in any context thereafter.

If any users out there have questions for the team or any of those interviewed in this series please feel free to come into our Telegram Trading Channel to ask your questions and get some help!