We’re pleased to present to you our 6th Uniswap Liquidity Mining campaign. The rewards of the last campaign will be distributed this week.

Liquidity Mining Campaign — #6

To follow through with the sixth round of the campaign we have allocated a total of 400,000 NIOX tokens for all liquidity providers on NIOX/ETH based on their share of the pool, over a span of 6 weeks from the 26th January to the 6th of March.

What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a community-based, data-driven approach to market making, in which a token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of “miners” to provide liquidity for a specified token pair. You earn rewards by providing liquidity on exchanges or AMMs like Uniswap.

Reward distribution

A total of 400,000 NIOX have been allocated for this particular campaign that will last for 4 weeks. Mining reward distribution and rankings will be disclosed on telegram at the end of the campaign period.

How can you participate?

  1. Participants must provide liquidity to the ETH/NIOX pool on Uniswap.
  2. After successfully contributing your crypto, liquidity providers will
    receive UNI-V2 pool tokens. These UNI-V2 tokens represent your share of the ETH/NIOX liquidity pool. The share of liquidity provided by the mining pool will be excluded from earning rewards.
  3. Our team will calculate the shares (UNI-V2 tokens) of ETH/NIOX liquidity pool in random snapshots for each day over the four-week period. Liquidity providers need to supply liquidity in the ETH/NIOX liquidity pool over a period of 24 hours.
  4. The rewards will be distributed based on the amount of UNI-V2 tokens from each address in the ETH/NIOX and liquidity pool.

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