As our involvement with the proof-of-stake, peer-reviewed blockchain deepens, we are busy developing suitable solutions to integrate and implement the best features that each organization has to offer.

On our end is the creation of an operational API working with the command line interface which will bridge assets between Ethereum and Cardano.  

Meanwhile, we have engineered a staking contract that will enable single-asset Cardano vaults to be utilized on Smartdex 2.0 as a Smartpool.  

These developments are an encouraging step in our Cardano integration so far and will provide a practical opportunity for Cardano users to access Smartdex, while also granting Autonio users exposure to the Cardano ecosystem.

Bridge API Breakdown

The left side shows the bridge API that receives the request and calls cardano-node for minting the new tokens and sending them to the address specified in the request. The right side shows a curl request sent by a user, this request will be sent through smartdex interface. It's python based backend service that connects with cardano-node, etherscan and cardano graphql

Bridge API User Flow

- Bridge API controls a wallet address of Ethereum where user can deposit/lock funds

- User sends a request to bridge with their transaction hash of the deposit and cardano address

- Bridge API validates if the transaction is valid and the funds are deposited successfully and records the amount of tokens deposited by the user

- Bridge API calls cardano-node and mints new tokens on Cardano and then call transfer function to send tokens to the Cardano address

- The bridge is functional for bridging assets from Ethereum to Cardano and we are working on completing the Cardano to Ethereum side of the bridge where we need to integrate cardano graphQL considering their rest api has been deprecated since the last release of alonzo

We have the staking contract on github public repository, readme file will be added with detailed description

Both of these features are active on our testnet at the moment as we work out the finer details for a tentative launch around December.

As always, we will keep you updated on how it’s going.

In the meantime, have fun and happy trading with Autonio!