As the holiday season has come to a close, the Autonio team wanted to share some great news that will help grow our ecosystem.

The addition of IQ protocol as our core multi-chain staking solution will help us with our staking model.  This collaboration will allow NIOX holders and DAO members to be able to enjoy enhanced staking options.

We want to be transparent with all of our NIOX stakers and DAO members and clarify that after the end period (31st Jan 2022) users will not accrue rewards inside of the staking contract but reward accrual will continue as we will manually calculate their rewards based on snapshots of users' staked amounts. 

This will continue until all stakers have migrated their stake to our new system on Polygon (planned for February) and we plan on having a way for the users of the staking portal to migrate their stake to polygon through a painless and easy process.

Moving the staking contract to Polygon makes sense as it will allow for our users to pay less in fees as well as moving towards our goal of having a multi-chain staking solution through IQ protocol.

IQ protocol is a decentralized money market protocol for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions, which means that NIOX stakers will be able to generate additional utility rewards through the concept of bi-directional loyalty.

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Have fun and happy trading with Autonio!