Participate in your first campaigns and get rewarded!

Autonio Foundation’s long awaited liquidity mining protocol Swarm is here.

From 26th April you will be able to choose from the first campaigns to participate in. 

Autonio's Swarm is a marketplace driven approach to market making aiming to promote consistent crowdsourced liquidity provisions.

The core idea is pretty simple - the more liquidity and volume a user brings, the more rewards he will get.

Swarm will launch with the following two campaigns on Binance:
CFX/USDT (26.04-10.05)
PIVX/BTC (26.04-10.05)

What are the steps to get started?
  1. Visit our Swarm page to check the list of campaigns and read terms.
  2. Connect with your NIOX Maker using your Web3 wallet account. 
  3. Connect your Maker Module with the API keys of the exchange you want to use.
  4. Select the trading pair that is listed on Swarm.
  5. Run your sessions during the time specified in each campaign terms.
  6. Track your progress in the NIOX Maker dashboard and spread the word about Swarm! (recommendation)
  7. At the end of the campaign receive rewards to your MetaMask account that you used for running NIOX Maker.

Details, terms and FAQ can be found on each campaign page.

Have fun trading with Autonio!

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