Smartdex is a 0x based exchange, with the first iterations of the exchange featuring on-board market makers, the first of its kind on decentralized exchanges. Since partnering with Matic, we’ve been working to add support for Matic Network allowing for a lower cost higher speed user experience and servicing the growing Matic ecosystem.

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What makes Autonio’s DEX smart?

There’s a number of exciting features we will introduce to our exchange, like the integration of intelligent automated trading tools, more specifically market making tools, to allow easy and seamless liquidity provision on different assets. We will also introduce and integrate our own, soon to be revealed, Liquidity Mining Protocol, which will also be built on Matic.

This and other Intelligent Market Making solutions will furthermore enable a fairer, true to the nature of decentralization, and sustainable solution to crowdsourced liquidity

What’s next for Smartdex?*

Smartdex currently is live with one pair: MATIC/DERC20 for our and Matic network community to test Smartdex's implementation. We will be adding NIOX and other pairs very soon. An overview of what’s next:

December — January objectives:

  • Autonio Smartdex website release
  • Autonio Smartdex Alpha release on Matic Network
  • Adding NIOX pairs
  • Listings of Matic based projects
  • NIOX Maker integration in Smartdex

January — March objectives:

  • Liquidty Mining Protocol alpha release
  • Launch of liquidity mining campaigns
  • Orderbook sharing across Ethereum and Matic Network versions of Smartdex
  • NIOX subscription model implementation
  • Intelligent Market Maker or IMM integration and launch
  • Adding Smartdex support for Elrond blockchain (to be pursued after NIOX ESDT contract deployment)

*Note: Development objectives and timeline are subject to changes dependent on various factors of strategic significance. We have to maintain a level of flexibility to prioritize developments that have the maximum short and long term impact.

We’re excited about the release of this product as part of our NIOX Suite, taking us a step closer towards realization of our vision. Thank you for your support!

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