Introducing SmartDex

Built on the 0x platform (a professional grade liquidity aggregator), Smartdex consists of an interface of classic Orderbook and Swap style. As an enhancement of AMM’s, Smartdex will contain the IMM (Intelligent Market Maker) that has the capability of combating impermanent losses, arbitrageur manipulation prevention, and risk management with stop losses. AI powered pricing policy within the IMM protocol will also effortlessly facilitate multi-chain exchange including instant deposits/withdrawals to give flexibility and functionality.

The orderbook will be integrated with NIOX Swarm, a liquidity mining provision protocol within the NIOX Suite (Autonio Ecosystem), that brings a marketplace driven approach to crowdsourced liquidity. There is also a 0% fee on order cancellations, which accentuates a high order throughput. Integrating as well with the Matic Network (Now Polygon), smartdex alleviates the horrendous headaches of expensive gas while improving overall user speed with its underlying Layer 2 innovations.


Currently this pair is available:

NIOX/USDC - Autonio’s native token NIOX combined with USD coin.


The only fees charged currently are within the Matic network.  These are only a fraction of the cost compared with those on other blockchains.  In the future, Smartdex will charge: 0.10% on Maker and 0.20% on Taker transactions.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Install Metamask and add it as an extension for your browser.

Step 2: Go to the official Smartdex website and click the button “Start Trading”.

Step 3: Click the button “Connect to a wallet” on the top right.

Then click “Next” → “Connect” in a pop-up Metamask window. 

Step 4: To begin engaging with Smartdex you will need to switch to the Matic Network.  Click on the ‘Switch to Matic’ button in the top right hand corner.

Step 5: Confirm in your MetaMask wallet that you would like to switch networks.

That's it! Enjoy your trading!

Smartdex Features


Deposits can be accessed inside the ‘Matic Bridge’.  For the time being deposits must be made from the Ethereum Mainnet.  To do so you will need to add NIOX as a custom token to your MetaMask account.

1. Click on your MetaMask account → add token → custom token

2. Copy and paste NIOX contract address in "Token Contract Address"

3. Put ‘Token Symbol’ as NIOX.

4. Set ‘Decimals of Precision’ to 4.


Withdrawals can similarly be accessed through the ‘Matic Bridge’.


Switching between pairs can be done intuitively on the top left hand side.  The Price Chart is located in the center with the following aspects:

  • 1 minute to 1 day time view interval
  • 70+ professional trading indicators
  • Full screen mode

Underneath the Price Chart are Open orders - that have been sent out, and Closed orders - that have already finished.

In the Orderbook - Asks are on top in red color, and Bids in green colors at the bottom.

Within Buy and Sell there is the option to place a Limit (order type that allows you to buy or sell crypto for a specific price) or Market (allows you to buy or sell crypto for the real time market price) order.  Slippage tolerance is beneath and represented as the 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% buttons.

Recent trades can be found in the lower right hand corner.


This is available under the ‘My Wallet’ section.  MATIC must be first converted into wMATIC (Wrapped Matic) before you are able to trade it with other tokens.  Your token balances will appear with their quantities, price in USD, % change and padlock to indicate if they are locked or not.


Connect your wallet to begin utilizing the Swap feature.

Select the tokens for which you would like to swap.

Click on the swap button to complete the exchange of your selected tokens.


Smartdex will be connected with NIOX Swarm to bring crowdsourced liquidity directly into the Orderbook.


Is a feature that allows liquidity providers to farm their LP tokens to get rewards. This will be possible for Uniswap LP tokens on the Ethereum side, but also with Smartdex LP tokens on Polygon.