Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect Wallet

To begin using the pool, connect to a Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Click on a “Deposit” button on top right

Step 3: Choose a token, enter your prefered amount and click the “Deposit” button.

*Keep in mind that you should stay on Ethereum Network in order to send tokens to Matic Network.


Step 4: In opened Metamask popup window click the “Confirm” button

*Keep in mind that transaction fee will be applied, so you should have ETH (Ethereum) in your wallet.

Step 5: Switch to Matic Network directly in Smartdex by clicking the “Switch to Matic” button.

Confirm by clicking the ‘Switch network’ button.

Step 6: Once the deposit is successfully completed, you will be able to check your balance by clicking the “Manage Wallet” button.

*Please take note: deposits can take up to 30 min.

Step 3: Click on the “POOL” button, select pairs and add liquidity

*Keep in mind that to add liquidity you need both assets in a ration of 50:50.

Choose the pairs for your pool and add the liquidity amount. 

And that’s it!