It is finally time to get the first two Swarm Campaigns going.

How to participate in NIOX swarm campaign 

  1. Go to NIOX Swarm website 
  2. Click on "participate" and log into the NIOX maker using Metamask or Walletconnect.

  1. Generate TWO API keys on Binance. 

* You can find the guide on “how to create API keys” on Binance here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will need to create two different API keys to participate in the Swarm Campaigns. One for trading, and one read-only API key to participate in the Swarm Campaigns. Find a more detailed guide here!

  1. Enter both keys in the NIOX maker setting in the “Read Only” access key section. 
  1. Open “Market Maker” tab and choose the pair listed on Swarm (CFX/USDT or PIVX/BTC)
  2. Set up appropriate settings and click on the “start” button.

Important information before you start:

  1. Lower spread you will have more chances you will generate more rewards.
  2. Keep in mind Binance's exchange taker and maker fees - it is desirable to not have a spread lower than 0.1
  3. The maximum spread that will count for reward calculation is 2% from both sell and buy sides.
  4. You can check a detailed NIOX Maker guide here.  
  5. Use 1 binance account with 1 wallet and not multiple wallets


And that is it! Have fun trading with Autonio!