We are building an updated version of our Layer-2 (Polygon) feature-rich decentralized exchange, one that will deliver all the speed, safety, and usability of the first iteration with greater capital efficiency and lower transaction fees.

Smartdex V2 will be based on the Balancer V2 protocol, which allows all liquidity and asset pools to be held and managed by a single vault. This architecture offers several key advantages. 

First, it will increase Smartdex’s composability—or the ease of permissionless interaction among protocols—since all the assets added by all Balancer/Smartdex pools will be stored and handled in one place. 

The use of a single vault also allows the separation of token accounting and management from liquidity pool contracts, freeing the latter to be governed by any Automated Market Maker logic. 

Lastly, it reduces transaction costs—or gas fees—in part because, even after multiple trades, only final net token amounts move to the vault. 

Affordable and scalable

And because Smardex is deployed on Polygon, it offers an edge all its own: even more affordable gas fees, plus all the impressive scalability of a Layer-2 protocol. The updated technology of Smartdex V2 makes it perfectly suited for a multi-chain environment, and Autonio is working hard to ensure it fulfils this potential.

Smartdex V2 will retain all that is great about V1: the high order throughput, a native token—$NIOX—for staking, liquidity mining incentives and governance, along with a host of innovative trading tools. And because it is based on the Balancer V2 protocol, Smartdex V2 will give $NIOX an even more central role.

Smartdex makes it easy for crypto investors of all levels of expertise to conduct analysis, deploy trading algorithms, make peer-to-peer crypto transactions, mirror successful trading strategies, and provide market liquidity. All safely and easily, without the intervention of intermediaries.

V2 users will also still have access to our highly configurable Intelligent Market Maker (IMM). By ensuring both high levels of liquidity and capital efficiency, the IMM sharply reduces the twin enemies of liquidity providers looking to do well on DEXs: slippage and impermanent loss. 

The IMM is designed to be as simple as possible to use. With its intuitive UI, even the least-technical investor can become a market maker at the touch of a button.

And we’re not stopping there. We are in the advanced stages of developing a set of machine-learning models that will further enhance the trading performance of Smartdex as well as the full sweep of Autonio trading tools.

Smartdex: the sequel

And don’t worry—the newest iteration of Smartdex will still host regular reward campaigns to help traders and liquidity providers reap higher yields. These include our recurring liquidity farming drives and campaigns to recognize our most active Smartdex traders. Just this week, we launched Dual Token Farming, which offers liquidity providers a chance to earn bonus tokens from some of our innovative partners on top of their NIOX rewards.

After all, Smartdex is above all else a community, and we at Autonio are doing all we can to make sure it is an engaged, well-rewarded and happy one. We believe that the latest and greatest version of Smartdex will take Autonio a giant step closer to our long-held goal of offering all the sophisticated tools, technology and techniques to ensure it is a prosperous one as well.  

Have fun trading and farming on Smartdex!

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