We at Autonio are happy to announce that we will partner with Aloha Defi to boost liquidity through creative farming incentives on our smartdex.

Together we will explore ways to reward liquidity provision through the issuance of special NFTs. 

Furthermore $ALOHA will be listed on the smartdex with some amazing rewards for liquidity providers. 

Aloha DeFi is a perfect fit for partnering with Autonio. The Aloha DeFi project is a socially positive project, with its Wi-Fi data sharing app rewarding users helping others, and thereby creating value through its reward system. The App will also provide a bridge which will effectively guide millions of new users to discover the freedom and democracy provided by the crypto universe.

Uniquely and importantly for a project of this scale, $Aloha is truly democratic. This has been achieved through a staking and governance platform based on the highly sought-after Aloha NFT’s, with governance and operational decision-making being managed through harnessing the collective wishes of the $Aloha token holders. Aloha is decentralised from the ground up, and is essentially run by its community, for its community. 

Aloha Defi is therefore a perfect contender for mass adoption, which will not only generate value and growth for Aloha and its stakeholders, but as a democratized project with an App based and socially positive business model attached, it will also be value generative to the crypto universe in general.

Aloha Defi

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Have fun trading on the smartdex!