Autonio has joined the pre-staking carnival on AscendEX, alongside Router Protocol & EasyFi.

Join the AscendEX Pre-Staking Carnival for a chance to share in the $30,000 Prize Pool

July 29, 12 a.m. UTC – August 12, 12 a.m. UTC

Salient points of the program: 

Compete for a share of $10,000 worth of tokens 

- The first 800 users who complete pre-staking are eligible to win an equal share of a token pool worth $10,000 

- Pre-stake NIOX, EZ or ROUTE for the first time 

- Maintain a total delegation amount worth 100 USDT or more. 

Compete for a share of $15,000 worth of tokens 

- Pre-stake NIOX, EZ, or ROUTE 

- Stake 1 project tokens = 1 credit

- Stake 2 projects tokens = 2 credits

- Stake 3 projects tokens = 3 credits

- Maintain a total delegation amount worth 200 USDT or more. 

- The more credits earned, the greater rewards. 


Lucky Draw for $5000 worth of tokens

- 50 lucky winners will be selected from the list of all eligible participants who have three credits. 

- Each winner will receive tokens worth $100. 

Click here to get started  

About Autonio 

Autonio Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization built around developing accessible, easy to use and affordable trading tools and services for the DeFi ecosystem.

Autonio is building a prosperous community around algorithmic trading by democratizing access to intelligent automated trading tools and infrastructure. These tools make it easier for crypto traders to conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms, exchange crypto currencies, sell their strategies and pool funds for trading purposes, all with profitability, security and ease.

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