Autonio Governance is around the corner!

We are on the verge of transition of blockchain projects from complete centralization to decentralization. Thanks to the blockchain, companies manage to decentralize their governance systems and become more independent from the influence of government organizations and even the founders of the projects (the most known example is Bitcoin). Thanks to decentralization, we can see projects that are built around a community that is maximally motivated in the successful development of the project and is ready to contribute and take part in this development.

We are pleased to announce that Autonio is also becoming an increasingly decentralized project thanks to the implementation of our own governance system. Our goal is not only to become a truly decentralized project, but also to provide an opportunity for DAO members (and in the future for all users of our ecosystem) to govern, contribute, and vote.

What is a governance system?

A governance system is needed in order to resolve various issues through decentralized voting that arise as the project develops. Moreover, decentralized voting helps to honestly and transparently manage the treasury of the project and distribute the budget in various directions submitted by the DAO participants. Lastly, such management helps to jointly solve the further development of the project; from important aspects - product implementation, to everyday aspects - marketing and social media activities. 

Who can participate in Autonio governance?

At this stage, only DAO participants will be able to manage, vote, and submit proposals. This does not mean that this will always be the case in the future. Our ultimate goal is to enable any user who stakes NIOX to have the ability to influence the development of the project, vote, and even submit proposals for further funding. 

Where can I study about the features of governance in more detail?

All discussions around governance and its proposals will take place on our local forum. For more information, please study the posts on the forum. 

When will decentralized governance take effect and start working?

At this stage, the governance is undergoing final testing and once it goes live, DAO members will be able to click on a governance button directly in our Suite Dashboard. Decentralized governance system will start operating in early December. 

Have fun and happy trading with Autonio!