Financial asset trading was once the preserve of a select group of insiders. These quick-thinking prodigies pitted their reflexes and knowledge of financial, economic and geopolitical developments against one another in a race that primarily profited the wealthy and powerful. 

The landscape changed dramatically in the 1980s with the advent of algorithmic trading. Guided by pre-set parameters, supercomputers began to buy and sell securities across the globe at literally superhuman speeds. Even the fastest thinking carbon-based trader lagged far behind those powered by silicon. 

What didn’t change was the purpose of these trading engines: from the start, they were dedicated to generating still-greater profits for wealthy individuals and institutions. Without the tools, means or real-time information available to funds, banks and brokerage houses, retail investors could only hope to catch a tailwind from the ever-more rapid market shifts.

Now we stand at the threshold of an even more powerful asset trading revolution: decentralized finance, or DeFi. The key to this newest revolution? Blockchain technology.

Blockchains have unshackled asset trading from financial capitals and provided a scaffolding for the creation of decentralized crypto exchanges. In these new distributed marketplaces, investors can deal with one another directly, anonymously and securely — all without the intervention of an intermediary. 

Still, many people find the DeFi space daunting and complex. They worry they aren’t savvy enough to make a profit in this new world, or that they won’t have the instincts to know when to buy or sell. 

We at Autonio Foundation are determined to see that history doesn’t repeat itself this time. That’s why we are leveraging the most powerful decentralized technologies to ensure that every type of investor — large or small, experienced or new to the crypto game — can benefit from DeFi’s rise.

At Autonio, we believe everyone should have access to the intelligent automated tools, infrastructure and trading strategies that spell success for experienced traders. And we believe these tools should be so straightforward to use that any investor can deploy them.  

Demystifying DeFi

You only have to look at Autonio’s structure to see how completely we embrace the democratizing force of DeFi. We want nothing to do with hierarchies, C-suite executives, and top-down management. Instead, we’ve set ourselves up as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and offered our community — without which there could be no project — an essential say in how we evolve. 

The Autonio community is dedicated to a single shared goal: demystifying DeFi and offering every investor the financial freedom and power to earn the kinds of profits once reserved for the few. Armed with unique tools, and in cooperation with a growing constellation of innovative partners, we aim to empower our users to forge a prosperous community centered around algorithmic trading.  

At the heart of Autonio’s foundational toolset lies NIOX Swarm, a protocol that offers intelligent, crowd-sourced liquidity to decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges alike. 

Low liquidity levels have often been an issue for the crypto finance sector, slowing transaction speeds and driving wide gulfs between bid and ask prices for assets. NIOX Swarm takes a marketplace-based approach to the compensation of liquidity providers to ensure fast, secure, and private transactions. We promote matching efficiency by pairing up liquidity buyers (sponsors) with sellers (market makers). 

Liquidity is also the driving force behind NIOX Maker, our low-cost, user-friendly intelligent market-maker. NIOX Maker can substantially increase liquidity on a venue by allowing its users to easily harness intelligent automated trading infrastructure. With NIOX Maker’s intuitive UX, even the least-technical investor can become a market maker with the click of a button. 

Rounding out the trio of tools is the Autonio Smartdex, a decentralized exchange based on the flexible 0x protocol. Our Smartdex offers users secure peer-to-peer trading along with a host of innovative on-chain trading and liquidity mining tools and incentives, including Orderbook, Swap (on-chain liquidity pools), and automated trading support. 

Crucially, the NIOX suite and Autonio Smartdex include support for multiple chains, offering a true cross-chain liquidity solution. As the DeFi space grows and matures, these multi-chain capabilities will take on increasing importance, with investors, traders, and developers looking to act across the industry and beyond individual, siloed platforms.

The power of partnerships

Autonio makes it easy for crypto investors of all levels of expertise to conduct analysis, deploy trading algorithms, buy and sell crypto assets. They can also share market strategies through our mirror trading marketplace, and provide market liquidity safely, easily, and profitably. And we’re not stopping there. We are in the advanced stages of developing machine-learning models designed to further enhance the trading performance of our toolset.

We are also actively building partnerships with exciting projects across the DeFi space, from Polygon, the groundbreaking protocol for linking Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, centralized exchange and decentralized exchange Loopring, to Layer-1 blockchains Conflux, Elrond, and Tomochain

Polygon, whose ecosystem enables the development and connection of many different Ethereum-compatible chains, was an early partner of Autonio. Polygon’s support of multi-chain functionality helps enable Autonio to provide liquidity across and between the many different DeFi platforms and ecosystems currently proliferating across the space. Autonio’s Smartdex is currently deployed on Polygon, and NIOX Swarm will soon be integrated as well. 

In early April, we reached a key agreement to provide technology and infrastructure to SingularityDAO, an autonomous organization that offers indices — or baskets — of AI-curated tokens, offering investors exposure to quality projects. SingularityDAO is the newest project fostered by SingularityNET, which has played an important role in the evolution of Autonio. 

DeFi, democratized

This is the start of a revolution for DeFi — and for finance broadly. Autonio’s mission is to make the rewards of financial markets accessible to anyone with the talent and dedication to earn them — while enabling others to share in the rewards through mirror trading. To do this, we’re pushing the boundaries of what decentralized platforms can offer. 

Learn more here, and watch this space for future updates.