Autonio is happy to announce the first-ever Swarm campaign with partner We’re launching this great opportunity with the support of Polygon, another valued partner. 

The campaign will start on the 09th of June at 1 pm UTC and will last for 30 days. There will be a total reward on offer of 15k USD, sponsored by Polygon, and Autonio. 

It will be run on MATIC/USDT. 

What is Swarm?

Swarm is Autonio’s liquidity mining protocol and infrastructure for crowdsourced liquidity, built on Polygon. This leading-edge tool incorporates a marketplace-based approach to market maker compensation, leveraging competitive dynamics to align rewards earned by market makers with the risks they bear in different market regimes.

This approach reduces coordination costs and improves matching efficiency pairing liquidity buyers (sponsors) with liquidity sellers (market makers). 

Swarm has proven its effectiveness, both in generating liquidity on orderbook-based exchanges and in churning out rewards for campaign participants who provide liquidity.

How will the Swarm campaign work?

Participants will earn rewards for running the NIOX Maker on the MATIC USD pair within the prescribed spread. Amounts are based on hourly snapshots of whichever order book the Maker is running on -- in this case, the MATIC USDT pair. So the tighter your spread, and the higher your order size, the more you can earn.

How do I get started?

  • Visit our Swarm page to see a current list of our campaigns and to find out terms.
  • Connect with your NIOX Maker using your Web3 wallet account. 
  • Connect your Maker Module via API keys
  • Select MATIC/USDT on Swarm.
  • Run your sessions during the time specified in the terms.
  • Track your progress in the NIOX Maker dashboard and spread the word about Swarm! 
  • At the end of the campaign, receive rewards to the MetaMask account you used to run the NIOX Maker.

Details, terms and FAQ can be found here campaign page.


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