Since the birth of Autonio in 2017, during the ‘early’ days of crypto, when our token was called NIO and Ethereum’s price hovered under $100 there have been many changes.

So while it’s true anniversaries like your parents’ wedding dates are usually just cheesy excuses for a night out, our four years of successfully developing intelligent automated trading tools is a small part of the ongoing global financial transformation.

This is where the celebration part comes in, because over the next month we’re bracing ourselves (and our community) for a ‘magical ride’ with a full line-up of events for you that will include:

- Learn more about the team in AMAs

- Introduction of the newest valuable additions to the team

- Suite Dashboard & Staking 2.0  

- Smartdex 2.0 Series

- AI-Updates

- New Product Releases, Partnerships, Sponsorships, and More.

The exact dates for the start of the celebration will be updated soon.

In the meantime, have fun trading with Autonio!