We’re glad to announce our collaboration with Trusted Node as a strategic technology partner

On the heels of our recent NIOX Staking 2.0 launch, this partnership could not have come at a better time for people staking NIOX. 

Trusted Node is a DAO that specializes in giving users dual rewards from both validator nodes and liquid staking.

You can find out more about their project on their website: https://trustednode.io/

DAO+ members can expect to have early access to participation in Trusted Node’s DAO, which will include the associated benefits.

While all NIOX holders will be able to access Trusted Node’s validator network and the staking options with its native token.

We also plan on bringing you an AMA with the CEO of Trusted Node (Stefan Rust)

Further details will be shared later on as we progress with this exciting new collaboration.

About Trusted Node

Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.

It allows for professional stewardship of the network while providing yields to stakeholders who participate in the decision-making around nodes in the network infrastructure.

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