Autonio is readying itself for the future with some superb additions to the team. Our new colleagues bring with them the deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and financial markets vital to our ambition to build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading. 

Let us introduce Autonio’s newest members. 

There are a quartet of new faces in the AI unit led by Dr. Anton Kolonin, all of whom are dedicated to helping us roll out machine learning models that will turbo-charge the trading performance of our toolset. They are:

  • Juan Fernando Pinzon - Senior Data Scientist
  • Mukul Vishwas - Junior Data Scientist 
  • Alexei Glushchenko - AI/Software Developer
  • Arseniy Fokin - Software Developer

Thanks to our strong partnership with, we are also privileged to welcome a contingent of trading and finance veterans who will help us build and refine our already strong tools, infrastructure and trading strategies so all investors have the chance to benefit from the boom in decentralized finance (DeFi).

0rigin is a multi-dimensional blockchain business responsible for the development of decentralised protocols such as UX Network, UtilityX and QED Oracle Network. Founded by Wall Street veterans with decades of collective experience at major investment houses, the firm has deep expertise in technology, quantitative finance and capital markets. In addition to writing and restructuring token models, members of the 0rigin team run proprietary capital across multiple investment and trading strategies in the crypto asset class.

With colleagues such as these, the best is yet to come for Autonio!